What is Hungry Creature Productions?

We are a small collective of film industry professionals who collaborate outside of our full-time jobs to create animated short films (and longer ones in the future as well).

In addition to this pursuit, we also make art, have a boutique, write books, and make video reviews for our youtube channel!

Our intention is to one day start our own feature animation studio, the following will be our guiding light.

Mission Statement

Our primary audience is the child within every adult and the adult within every child.

We want to stimulate conversation within the groups that watch our films, discussion that leads to greater understanding, empathy, and imagination.

It is of primary importance to us that we never re-create experiences. When people watch a Hungry Creature film, they must be embarking on a journey into uncharted territory every single time.


We believe that the personalities of our characters must be complex and raw, giving a platform for minorities, gender equality, and those without a voice. There is no place for harmful stereotypes within our films.

It is of supreme importance that, as a studio, we are never chained to a singular artistic vision permanently. Aesthetic exploration on our end, coupled with our willingness to pursue radically different narratives than the norm, will only result in a greater sense of discovery for our viewers.

Many cg animated films have a very slim sense of artistic variety when it comes to the overall image. We must always be radically participating in aesthetic innovation; exploring and pursuing new forms of expression through image. This is not only to stand out as unique but also to provide something new for our guests.

More than anything else, Hungry Creature exists for the people within our care. This is a place to grow, to learn, to experiment.

From the hero sweeping the studio floor to the lead artist on a feature, ideas and inspiration are to be cherished and paid serious attention to. We want every member of the Hungry Creature family to feel safe, motivated, and excited about our films!

No matter what the future may hold, we will never grow complacent.

The Creatures are Hungry.